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Grooming a Great Dane


Their short, smooth and thick coat make them low shedders, reducing their grooming needs.
A weekly brushing using a soft bristle brush or rubber hound mitt would be enough to keep the mighty Dane’s coat in proper shape. However, the brushing should be increased to two to three times a week in spring and fall as they shed maximum then.

Great Dane Grooming

Frequent bathing takes away the essential oils from its coat, thus wash it only when the need arises with a good quality dog shampoo.

 My friend Maya once said that her Dane was content in sitting in the big pond near her house during the warm months and stayed without a bath for the colder days.

Clean its face with a soft towel after a drink or whenever it drools. If you find mucus build up in its eyes, wipe it gently using a clean cloth or towel. However, consult your vet if the discharge appears crusty or is of a yellowish-green colour.

Cropping a Great Dane’s ears is at the owner’s discretion, though the ideal age to do it is at eight weeks. Ensure to clean its ears at least once a week especially if cropped with a vet-prescribed solution. Apply a little solution to its ears, massage gently with your finger for a couple of minutes and then let your Great Dane shake the solution out. This procedure would help keep its ear canals clean, warding chances of infection.

Other hygiene measures include brushing its teeth on a regular basis as well as trimming its toenails whenever they get big with a nail clipper to minimize chances of injury.

Great Danes cannot withstand extreme cold, so consider knitting a warm sweater for your pet to keep him warm when he is on a walk with you on a wintry day.

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