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Great Danes Diet and Food

Feeding the Great Dane adequately is essential to minimize risks of gastric torsion that might even be life-threatening to your pet. Be extra cautious while selecting a diet plan. The following tips might make your job a little easy.

Great Dane Feeding

Useful tips while feeding a Great Dane

  • Divide their meals into two (adult) or three (puppies) parts.
  • Allow them to rest for about 90 minutes post each feed.
  • Avoid giving it table scraps.
  • Never allow it to free feed.
  • Do not soak the kibble as it may lead to bloating.
  • Recommended protein and fat should be 25 % and 12 to 20% respectively
  • Use an elevated food bowl with a height of 21 to 27 inches.

In India purchasing such a big food bowl may not be too easy a task. A Great Dane parent had recommended an easier way out. She took a big paint bucket measuring 6 gallons that lay in her garden, took out the lid, made it look a little desirable by painting it and then set a stainless steel dish on it.

Try this out, and your pet Dane would not have to strain its neck to reach its bowl, while the food would also pass through the digestive tract conveniently.

Best food for Great Dane dogs and puppies

Here are the recommended brands of dog foods available in the market that you can opt.

Name Ingredients
Royal Canin (Starter : 0 to 3 months; Junior: 3 to 15 months; Adult: Above 15 months)

Chicken fat, corn, chicken meal, brown rice, natural flavors, wheat, Brewer’s rice, fish oil, natural flavors, vegetable oil, hydrolyzed yeast, salt.
EukanubaEukanuba Chicken, dried beet pulp, chicken fat, potassium chloride, fish oil, flax meal, dried egg product, rosemary extract, whole grain sorghum, corn meal
DroolsDrools Whole rice, chicken, beet, carrot pulp, dehydrated eggs,  wheat, fish oil, corn gluten meal, salt


Chicken meat, boneless chicken, boneless turkey, whole salmon, chicken meat, herring meal, boneless walleye, chicken cartilage


Real meat

Recommended feeding measurement (as per weight)

Raw diet for Great DanesMany people often go on to give their pets a raw diet with the expectation of a better coat, healthier skin, healthy appetite, and lessened health ailments.However, a raw diet may increase the risk of nutritional imbalance, with your Dane deprived of antioxidants, adequate vitamins or minerals.The common ingredients for raw food include meat (chicken, turkey, pork, lamb, beef), vegetables (to make up 60% of its diet), organ meat (kidney, tripe, liver), eggs, probiotics (yogurt), fish oil, fruits (apples, bananas, berries, oranges).Before chalking out a raw diet plan, it is essential to consult your vet, keeping in mind the digestive issues your Great Dane may face in case of an improper feeding program.

Age Measurement
2 months 2 to 4 cups (increase by a cup every month)
3 to 6 months Male: 4 to 8 cups; Female: 3 to 6 cups
8 months to 1 year Male: 6 to 10 cups; Female: 5 to 8 cups
Adolescents ( up to 18 months) Male: 9 to 15 cups; Female: 8 cups
Adults Male: 8 to 14 cups; Female: 9 cups

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