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Great Dane Temperament

“A big dog with a beautiful heart”, that is what defines the Great Dane the best. Being a true gentle giant as it is nicknamed, friendly, well-mannered, affectionate, loving and loyal, sums up its temperament in totality. Innately loyal, these true companions follow their caregivers wherever they go. However, most Great Dane parents have mentioned of the males being clingier towards their masters than the females.

Great Dane Temperament

There are other notions circulating among Great Dane owners regarding the changing temperament in accordance to the color, like black and fawn-colored dogs have a laid back attitude while the harlequins are of a naughtier kind.

I have a male (Bradley) and female (Misty) Great Dane. While Bradley follows me even up to the washroom, Misty would be simply contended with my presence– Amanda D’Souza

Animal experts call them as “the world’s biggest lapdog”, owing to their inclination of staying in close conformity to their loved ones whenever at home.

With strangers: Their interactions with strangers depend on the manner in which the latter is introduced to them. If they come across any unknown face in front of their family members, then they would be absolutely fine, but on sensing a threat, the sweet, docile dog would show its protective side and stand up for its family. Never mistake its sweetness for its weakness as when the need arise the gentle giant may not fail to show its courageous form.

Jenny is a little darling when she meets a stranger at my presence, but gets a little weird when any delivery man comes to our door in my absence– Raksha Pathak

With children: Though they are fond of children, especially the ones belonging to their family, supervision is required when the young ones interact with them, else the mighty Danes could knock them down, in a playful gesture though.

My 5-year-old Great Dane stands like a mastiff-in-waiting when my 6-month-old baby girl sleeps peacefully in her cot– Suzy Gomez

With other pets: In spite of having a history of boar hunting, the Great Danes of the present time lack a strong prey drive or chasing instinct, but their interactions with other pet vary from dog to dog. Some would get along well with other dogs while a few might want all the affection for itself, detesting other pets in the house.

My aunt’s Great Dane bonded well with the Labrador she was housed with, while my friend’s pet always snapped at the parrots that hung in the cage– Mumpi Ghosh

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