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Great Dasenji (Great Dane x Basenji)

The Great Dasenji appears to be one of the most energetic and independent-minded mixes of the Great Dane. It is on the lighter side like its Basenji parent, and though this breed exhibits loyalty towards its owner, it shows an immensely reserved attitude when it comes to strangers. If trained well since its puppy days, it would develop into one of the most courteous and adorable breeds.

Great Dasenji

Dog Profile

Other Names Great Dane Basenji mix
Breed Registry Details IDCR, DRA
Common Physical Features Sleek stature; tapered muzzle; almond –shaped eyes; erect ears; round, compact feet; arched toes
Coat Type Short, smooth, fine
Colours Fawn, white, tan, black, red, blue (with brindle, mantle, merle, or harlequin patterns or black and white markings)
Life Expectancy 6-14 years
Size Big
Height Male: 58-61 cm;  60-63 cm; Female:
Weight Male and Female: 25-30 kg
Litter Size 4 to 8 puppies
Personality Active, energetic, independent, loyal, protective
Kids-Friendly Partially (as they might not mingle well with children especially little ones if it takes on more to the Basenji’s side)
Animal-Friendly Partially (only when socialized)
Climate Compatibility Moderate (Might not like rain like the Basenji)
Care Level Moderate
Exercise Requirements ModerateWalking (30-40 minutes a day, divided into two walks); Jogging (20 minutes)
Grooming Needs Moderate
Coat Brushing Regular (Once a day)
Bathing Occasional (Once a month)
Eyes and Ears Cleaning Regular (Once a day)
Brushing of Teeth Regular (Once a day)
Nail Clipping Occasional (Once or twice a month)
Mouth Care Regular (as it drools a lot)
Adults 2 to 3  cups dry dog food per day
Puppies ½-11/2 cups puppy food at two months, with the amount increasing till the time it is two years old
Hypoallergenic Unknown
Barking Capacity Minimal (Emits a deep, pronounced bark during emergency)
Trainability Moderate to Difficult (as the Basenji has a stubborn, and independent nature)
Probable Health Problems Hip dysplasia, gastric torsion (like the Great Dane), progressive retinal atrophy )as its Basenji parent)
Origin USA
Great Dane Basenji

Suitable Names for A Great Dasenji


  • Harry
  • Raghu
  • Chico
  • Patlu
  • Tintin


  • Ninni
  • Sweety
  • Lovely
  • Nellie
  • Gracy

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