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Great Danebull (Great Dane x American Pitbull Terrier)

Though the Great Danebull is not too popular a designer breed, yet it manages to charm all by its appealing looks and soothing temperament. It is highly protective and would emit a distinct vocalization on sensing any threat near its vicinity. These people-oriented dogs often suffer from separation anxiety when left alone for extended periods.

Great Danebull

Dog Profile

Other Names Great Dane American Pitbull mix
Breed Registry Details DRA, IDCR
Common Physical Features Muscular built; rectangular head; deep, set eyes; rose or half-pricked ears; wide chest; compact feet; arched toes; big, curled tail
Coat Type Short, glossy, smooth
Colours Black, cream, gray, golden, brown, fawn, brindle, merle, spotted white
Life Expectancy 7- 12 years
Size Big
Height Male: 65-72 cm; Female: 60-65 cm
Weight Male: 32- 40 kg; Female: 27-39 kg
Litter Size 5-8 puppies
Personality Devoted, loving, intelligent, playful, intuitive
Kids-Friendly Yes (improves with socialization)
Animal-Friendly Yes (improves with socialization)
Climate Compatibility High
Care Level Moderate to High
Exercise Requirements High:  Walking (60 minutes a day, divided into 2 to 3 walks); Jogging (20 minutes)
Grooming Needs High (if its coat is like the Weimaraner); Moderate (if it is like the Great Dane)
Coat Brushing Frequent (Four to five times a week to prevent matting)
Bathing Occasional (Once a month)
Eyes and Ears Cleaning Frequent (Once a week)
Brushing of Teeth Regular (Once a day)
Nail Clipping Frequent (Once in every two weeks)
Adults 3 to 4 cups dry dog food per day
Puppies ½-1 cup puppy food at two months, with the amount increasing till the time it is two years old
Hypoallergenic No
Barking Capacity Minimal
Trainability Moderate
Common Health Problems Bloating (like the Great Dane) and heart problems (similar to the American Pitbull Terrier)
Origin USA

Did You Know

  • The average cost of a Great Danebull puppy is about 600$.

Suitable Names for A Great Danebull


  • Samrat
  • Benji
  • Rambo
  • Rancho
  • Jimmy


  • Shelley
  • Nancy
  • Luna
  • Lola
  • Stella

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