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Doberdane (Great Dane x Doberman)

The Doberdane stands unique among most other crosses because of its gentle nature and aggressive appearance. Being as protective as the Great Dane, and a great guard dog like its Doberman Pinscher parent, it would definitely pose an immense threat to any intruder trying to enter its home. At the same time, because of its friendly, loving disposition, it excels as great therapy dogs too. However, these large, strong dogs are not a good option for first-timers or novice owners.


Dog Profile

Other Names Doberman Great Dane mix
Breed Registry Details DBR, IDCR
Common Physical Features Long, muscular body; massive head; floppy ears, slightly curved tail
Coat Type Smooth, soft, sleek
Colours Red, brown, fawn, black, brindle
Life Expectancy 8-10 years
Size Big
Height Male: 76-90 cm; Female: 70-75 cm
Weight Male and Female: 40-45 kg
Litter Size 6-8 puppies
Personality Loyal, playful, affectionate, smart, gentle, protective
Kids-Friendly Partially (not advisable for young children because of its large size)
Animal-Friendly Partially (especially if trained well)
Climate Compatibility Moderate (Cannot withstand intense heat or cold)
Care Level Moderate
Exercise Requirements High; Walking (60 minutes a day, divided into two or three walks); Jogging (10-15 minutes)
Grooming Needs High to Moderate
Coat Brushing Frequent (Once or twice a week)
Bathing Occasional (Once a month)
Eyes and Ears Cleaning Frequent (Once a week)
Brushing of Teeth Regular (Once a day)
Nail Clipping Frequent (Three to four times a month)
Adults 2-3 cups dry dog food per day
Puppies ½-1 cup puppy food at two months, with the amount increasing till it is two years old
Hypoallergenic No
Barking Capacity Minimal (Emits a deep bark in times of need or crisis)
Trainability Moderate (since they could be stubborn like the Doberman)
Probable Health Problems Hip dysplasia and, bloating (like bot its parents), Wobblers’ syndrome (if it takes more to the Great Dane’s side)
Origin USA

Suitable Names for a Doberdane Pinscher


  • Raja
  • Sheroo
  • Kalu
  • Don
  • Samrat


  • Rani
  • Leela
  • Sasha
  • Sammy
  • Sitara

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  1. Allyx Christian Rinker says:

    Hello, we are looking to find a great Dane Doberman pincher mix puppy from a breeder. Can you help me find contacts to accomplish this?

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