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American Foxy Dane (Great Dane x American Foxhound)

The American Foxy Dane exhibits the gentleness and courteousness of the Great Dane, alongside the agile, athletic nature of the American Foxhound. Most of them have long legs like their American Foxhound parent, excelling as swift runners. They would also retain the Great Dane’s protective nature and the American Foxhound’s smelling instincts, thus rising to the stature of a capable guard dog.

American Foxy Dane

Dog Profile

Other Names Great Dane American Foxhound mix
Breed Registry Details IDCR, DRA
Common Physical Features Lean stature; long, dome-shaped head (as the American Foxhound); narrow chest; long muzzle; low set ears; long, thin tail
Coat Type Short, wiry
Colours Rust
Life Expectancy 8-10 years
Size Medium
Height Male: 66 –74 cm; Female: 64 –72 cm
Weight Male:25 – 32 kg; Female: 20-29 kg
Litter Size 5-6 puppies
Personality Intelligent, docile, sweet, patient, protective
Kids-Friendly Yes (but need supervision while playing with little ones)
Animal-Friendly Yes
Climate Compatibility High
Care Level Moderate
Exercise Requirements High; Walking; 40-45 minutes a day (divided into two or three walks); Jogging; 20 minutes
Grooming Needs High
Coat Brushing Regular (Once a day)
Bathing Occasional (Once a month)
Eyes and Ears Cleaning Frequent (Once a week)
Brushing of Teeth Regular (Once a day)
Nail Clipping Frequent (Four or five times a month)
Adults 3 to 4 cups dry dog food per day
Puppies ½-1 cup puppy food at two months, with the amount increasing till the time it is two years old
Hypoallergenic No
Barking Capacity Minimal or Excessive (if it inherits the American Foxhound’s barking skills)
Trainability High
Probable Health Problems Hip and elbow dysplasia (like the Great Dane and American Foxhound),  as well as bloating, and high susceptibility to allergies from wasp bites
Origin USA
American Foxhound Great Dane Mix

Did You Know

  • Its American Foxhound parent its musical bark, known as the bay. The American Foxy Dane is likely to pick up this trait, especially if it has more of the Foxhound’s gene.

Suitable Names for An American Foxy Dane


  • Chetak
  • Foxy
  • Mickey
  • Jesse
  • Rocky


  • Sylvie
  • Birdie
  • Josie
  • Grace
  • Surilee

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