What Do Great Dane Owners Say?

I cannot till date forget the first time I bumped into a black Dane on a side walk, who perfectly lived up to his nickname “The Gentle Gant”, winning over me with his pleasant demeanor. The tall boy who almost surpassed my shoulders, followed his master to the tee, was indeed an epitome of elegance and balance, the attributes which perfectly define a Dane.

– Madhu Nair

Breed Characteristics

Deutsche Dogge, German Mastiff
Gentle Giant, Apollo of Dogs
Black, blue, fawn, merle, harlequin, mantle
6 to 10 years
Male-30 to 36 inches; Female-28 to 33 inches
Male- 120 to 200 pounds; Female- 99 to 130 pounds
Patient, sweet, friendly, affectionate, protective, dependable
Loud and deep, only on demand
Boating, congenital heart disease, hip dysplasia, Wobbler’s disease